The Product

NAILMAID is a unique product, assisting you to have beautiful and even nails in an easy way.



Small children depend on the help of their parents to have their nails cut. After having 5 children I know how difficult it can be to care for their nails. Trying to use sharp scissors with restless children is a dangerous job! This makes it take even longer and becomes an event children dread. NAILMAID removes these problems. There are no dangerous sharp or rotating edges. It is completely safe and young children will soon learn to use it themselves if that is what you wish.



For the elder generation with limited hand strength or those with limited abilities it is at times hard to safely hold a pair of scissors. Using a file or nail clipper is not much easier either. NAILMAID offers the ideal solution. With a little bit of training, you will be able to file your nails without difficulties using only one hand. You can sit in comfort with NAILMAID on a table or on your lap and file your nails with ease.  With a little training it can even be used by people with limited vision!



After a sports injury to a hand, arm or shoulder you can still care for your nails with the help of NAILMAID.  You only need one hand.